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Online reservations may be made up to 60 days in advance. Please call to make a reservation beyond 60 days.

3 Cajun Food Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

At Pat’s of Henderson, we love good Cajun food. For more than five decades, we have proudly served residents of (and visitors to) Lake Charles excellent cuisine inspired by our Cajun heritage, and our menu boasts a variety of traditional Cajun dishes, from crawfish étouffée to gumbo and beyond. It’s safe to say, we know a lot about Cajun food!

That’s why in today’s post, we want to dispel a few popular Cajun food myths. Read on to learn more, and once your mouth is watering, be sure to visit our historic Cajun restaurant in Lake Charles! Contact us to make a reservation, or swing by at your leisure. We’re ready to serve you up a dinner you won’t forget!

Myth #1: All Cajun Food Is Spicy

When people hear “Cajun food,” they often think of spicy, rich, and flavorful dishes. We won’t argue with the last two adjectives, but you should know that not all Cajun food is spicy!

Although it’s true that many traditional Cajun dishes pack a spicy punch, there are plenty of Cajun specialties that are simply well-seasoned. Seasoning is a crucial element in any Cajun dish (check out our Perioux seasoning for your home kitchen!), so you can be sure that the food is packed with flavor without necessarily being hot and spicy.

If you’re ready to try Cajun food but you’re afraid that it may be too spicy for your tastes, come by Pat’s of Henderson and ask our experienced staff for recommendations. We can find the perfect dish for every preference!

Myth #2: Cajun Food Is the Same as Creole Food

Many people mistakenly believe that Cajun food and Creole food are interchangeable terms. Although they do share some similarities, they are two distinct types of cuisine that come from completely different cultures. In simplified terms, Creole food often uses tomatoes where Cajun food does not, and some people characterize Creole cuisine as “city food” and Cajun cuisine as “country food.”

To learn more about these two distinct styles of Louisiana cuisine, check out our blog post “Cajun Food vs Creole Food: What’s the Difference?

Myth #3: Gumbo Is the Only Type of Cajun Soup

Gumbo is one of the most popular Cajun dishes around. Because of this, many people believe that if it’s a Cajun soup or stew, it must be gumbo!

We love gumbo, but this assumption is simply not true. There are a number of soupey Cajun dishes that are distinct from gumbo in several ways. From jambalaya to Cajun sauce piquant to étouffée, there’s a Cajun soup or stew for every taste preference!

Try Cajun Cuisine at Pat’s of Henderson!

Is your stomach grumbling yet? Come and get your Cajun food fix at Pat’s of Henderson in Lake Charles! We are a renowned steak and seafood restaurant with Cajun specialties, and we are proud to share with you the delicious flavors inspired by our Cajun heritage.

Check out our online menu and contact us today to make your reservation. We look forward to serving you the best Cajun food that Lake Charles has to offer!