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Cajun Food vs Creole Food: What’s the Difference?

View from a balcony in New Orleans's French Quarter

In a previous blog post, we debunked three popular myths about Cajun food, including the belief that Cajun food and Creole food are the same thing. Today, we want to explore the history of these two cuisines in more detail. Read on to learn more, and if by the end you’re ready to try the…

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3 Cajun Food Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

A bowl of jambalaya

At Pat’s of Henderson, we love good Cajun food. For more than five decades, we have proudly served residents of (and visitors to) Lake Charles excellent cuisine inspired by our Cajun heritage, and our menu boasts a variety of traditional Cajun dishes, from crawfish étouffée to gumbo and beyond. It’s safe to say, we know…

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Can Steak Be Too Rare?

Everyone knows that when preparing chicken for safe consumption, it should always be fully cooked all the way through, but when it comes to steak, we all have different preferences in terms of rarity. Some prefer their steak cooked until it’s brown all the way through, while others will turn their nose up unless the…

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5 Cajun Food Dishes To Try Next Date Night

Cajun food has been an American staple since the 1700s, when French-speaking Acadians were displaced from their homeland in Eastern Canada and re-settled in present-day Louisiana. Contending with a very different climate than the one they had come from, the Acadians gradually lost their former culinary traditions and began using locally-available ingredients and simple cooking…

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